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Discounted properties are not floating all over the MLS.  Most retail properties are slightly overpriced and require thousand of dollars in upgrades once you've acquire them.  The saying goes "money is made at the time of purchase,"  meaning, you make money when you Purchase at the right price, this way you could either re-sell it or create a profitable stream of monthly income.

Land Available  

Instead of having to spend money to tear down an existing property, purchasing land in desirable areas could be very profitable for holding wealth to earning cash flow or building a housing development.  

Making sure all basis are covered in the purchase of real estate could be a bit complicated. Our management team has over 45 years of experience in the Houston metropolitan area, ready to serve you correctly. 

We insure that no small detail has been overlooked, from the property condition to insuring the correct paperwork is used in order to protect the interest of our clients.  

The process of Selling your Home or Commercial Property can be a very daunting task, considering the amount of properties currently sitting on the market.


Our professionals understand the current market and know how to price Real Estate to SELL.     

Below Market Value Investments

  • The Greater Houston area
  • The Museum District
  • Galleria Area
  • The Heights 
  • Cypress
  • University of Houston area
  • Katy 
  • Missouri City 
  • Spring
  • ​Humble
  • Sugar Land 
  • Sienna
  • Pearland

35-40% Below Market Vacants 

Areas such as the 3rd Ward community within the city of Houston; vacant properties account for 10-12% of existing homes. This is higher than most major cities in the United States.  This spells Opportunity!!!

Due Diligence

Sell Your House Fast or Find Great Deals In Today's Market. The Houston Real Estate market is ripe with opportunity to Buy Fix and Flip houses to earn a tremendous return on investment capital.  



What We Offer Our Clients. 

  • Quick Delivery of Offers
  • Access to Capital (Cash) 
  • MLS Realtor Certification 
  • Most Recent Comps 
  • Title Search  
  • Market for Housing (Sec 8)
  • REHAB to RE-SALE on MLS 
  • Network of Developers and Skilled tradesmen